Natural Remedies for Stomach Aches

Cure Stomach Pain Naturally

Stomach aches can happen at any time. After eating is the most common time they occur, but they can happen during exercise routines or wt many other times. The cause can be anything from overeating to a stomach infection. Most stomach pains are cases of indigestion or nausea and these can be cleared using many natural remedies.

Natural Stomach Pain Remedies

Fennel seeds– These seeds are easy to procure and you can eat a handful of them or sprinkle them on your favorite food. Doing so will help you digest food easier and will also help your upset stomach. Some herbal teas might also contain fennel, but you’ll want to sweeten them with honey instead of sugar.

Ginger– Ginger is best used in its powdered or pill form and can be found in most pharmacies or natural food stores. It’s an anti-inflammatory as well as an aide in digestion and will help calm your stomach within about 30 minutes or so. It’s important that you only ingest one pill at a time. Alternatively, you can make tea out of the powdered kind and sweeten with honey.

Chamomile– Chamomile makes a simple tea and, again when made with honey, will help your stomach as well as to calm your nerves. If you are having trouble sleeping because of stress or your stomach ache, this is the best natural remedy.