My Favorite New Product: Redmond Clay

Here at we have some amazing, life changing products. Often times as I’m testing the product I get to see first hand how amazing they truly are. The below story is an example of this.

My wife Ingrid was recently visiting her friend Jen who had just spent the entire day outside in the yard gardening, while wearing a swimsuit. The temperature was not too hot (in the 70’s), so Jen didn’t realize that she was “cooking” her skin. However, by the end of the day she had an excruciatingly painful sunburn. Ingrid asked what she had applied to the skin to provide relief (both ladies love and use natural healing products).

“Did you try aloe vera,” asked Ingrid. “Yes,” replied Jen. “Coconut oil, vinegar, or homemade lotion,” asked Ingrid?

“Yes,” Jen replied to all. None of these treatments had helped and she was still highly uncomfortable.

Then an idea came to Ingrid.

“What about Redmond Clay,” asked Ingrid?

“No, I haven’t tried that, but I am a little afraid, my skin hurts when it touches anything,” replied Jen.

So they decided to try some Redmond Clay in a small spot. “Hey, not only does it not hurt, but it actually feels nice and cool.”

So Ingrid proceeded to apply a thick coat of Redmond Clay all over her shoulders and back. The Redmond Clay soon became warm, almost as if it was drawing the heat out of the skin.

Later on that night, Jen was able to use a shower without pain!

This isn’t a unique story. The amazing properties of this unique clay have a drawing and pulling power. This enables the clay to be used both internally and externally in a variety of ways! You can see those uses here. Some of the most common uses refer to detoxification, skin irritants (rashes, sun burns, stings, bites), and stomach health. Not only this, but the Redmond Clay company has created an entire line of products that expound upon the amazing properties of this unique clay. Please comment or email us to inform us how this clay has helped you!