Meet Cocoa

Meet Cocoa - HEALTHandMED

Meet Cocoa

Cocoa is a 6 lb Yorkshire Terrier who is 5 1/2 years old. In the Spring of 2020, Cocoa suffered from a build up of toxins in her body.  This build up led to a low protein count in her body plus a bladder infection that would not go away.

Poor Puppy and the Treatment

Cocoa had some Vet care and natural herbal treatment.  On top of that she had ionic body detox treatments 3 times a week for 4 weeks. The number of treatments slowly tapered down. Cocoa slowly recovered from all her health issues. She was given a clean bill of health 2 months later.


She was spayed in the Fall and afterward was given several treatments for 2 weeks to detox the body from the surgery. She has healed up very well. We definitely could see the difference based on how well she recovered. She is like a new dog!

Cocoa's Family

We (our family of 3 ppl) have used the foot detox cleansing spa for years and benefit greatly from it. When we saw that one of our family was also dealing with toxins in her body we decided to get her into a body detox treatment program. After doing much research on this for animal health, we felt Cocoa would also benefit from this. In our case we had all items at home available for her to use and for us to monitor closely. She did very well.
Thank you to Health and Med for their amazing detox cleansing spa. This not only helps humans in our family but our fur baby as well.