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Need a Vibration Machine Thats More Portable? Say Hello to the GForce Ultra Slim 200 Watt

GForce Ultra Slim 200 Watt Machine Makes Whole Body Vibration Portable and Affordable

The GForce Ultra Slim 200 Watt Whole Body Vibration Machine is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to both portability and price. This brand new machine offers a high quality whole body vibration experience while making things easier and lighter — the machine weighs only 33 lbs! This system is easy to store, take with you when you travel, and easy to relocate to another room.

Strong and Soft Modes

The GForce Ultra Slim 200 Watt machine has a “Soft” mode and a “Strong” mode. These modes allow you to customize your vibration experience to suit your preferences, depending on whether you prefer either soft or strong vibrations in your workouts. This, combined with the portability, makes exercise and fitness easy and effective, whether you’re at home, at work, or even staying in a hotel room while traveling!

Oscillation Motion

The GForce Ultra Slim Whole Body Vibration Machine contains an oscillation motor that’s proven to show better and more results with lymphatic drainage, while also aiding in weight loss and improving fast twitch muscles. An oscillation motor allows the machine to pivot back and forth like a see-saw — as one foot goes up the other does down, providing the aforementioned health improvements.

Experience the benefits for yourself by buying an Ultra Slim 200 today — contact us.

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