Why Choose Lifetime Vibe over other Whole Body Vibration Machines

Why Choose Lifetime Vibe over other Whole Body Vibration Machines - HEALTHandMED

The Lifetime Vibe Vibration Machine means business

We’ve covered the benefits and use recommendations of Whole Body Vibration Machines; we’ve even covered some exercises you can do while using them. But which machine would be the best.

In most cases, we find that the Lifetime Vibe machine is the best, and here’s why.

The Features

Some of the standout features of the Lifetime Vibe machine include:

  • Pennsylvania Cherry Wood & Powder Coated Metal Body
  • Patented Floating Vibration Plate
  • Removable Side Support Bars and Stool/Seat
  • 6″ Profile for Easy Stepping
  • Detailed Exercise & Health Issues Flipchart
  • Rolling Ball-Bearing Wheels
  • Free 15 Minute Consult with a Physical Therapist

The Quality

It’s true that we sell a lot of high quality vibration machines on HEALTHandMED, but the Lifetime Vibe is second to none. Featuring a 1 year warranty, 2 year parts, and a 5 year motor, the Lifetime Vibe lives up to its name and its strong body can help your own body become strong for a good long time.

The Specs

Anyone who’s ever done a vibration session or two with their exercise routine knows the important of specifications. What’s going to work the best for what you’re trying to do? With the Lifetime Vibe, you can expect that it will work great in virtually any vibration-enhanced exercise you plan on doing. The machine can hold up to 325 pounds and features a 21″ x 15″ platform, providing enough size and durability to help you get your body as fit as you’d like. Its Triangular Oscillator utilizes just 375 Watts and features a frequency of only 3.4-15.5 watts.

Find out more about the Lifetime Vibe and start your naturally healthy lifestyle!