Alkaline Water – Why pH Matters

Alkaline Water is a key component to raising your bodies pH levels. You may not remember your high school biology class, but a quick refresher tells us that a pH level of 0-7 is said to be acidic, while 7-14 is known as alkaline. Now that this is clarified you may ask, “Why would I want to raise my pH level?”

Over the centuries there has been continual research that has shown that individuals with a blood pH level (alkaline level) prove to have better overall health. The body tends to regulate its pH levels around 7.35 by using alkaline buffers. When we eat or drink something acidic, our bodies must use these buffers to raise our pH levels. If we eat and drink too much with acidic content, our body will not be able to keep up with the amount of buffers needed, thereby dropping our pH levels. This is where ionized alkaline water treatment comes into play. By using an Alkaline Water Ionizer that turns the pH level of the water to alkaline, it enables our body to raise its overall pH level.

As you look at the chart below you can see how many of the foods we eat today are acidic! If we don’t try to control this it presents hazards to our health. Doctors describe the benefits of higher pH levels as a well oiled  and cleaned machine. Higher pH levels allow our bodies to lubricate joints, keep blood more clean of impurities that lead to heart ailments, assist with chronic diseases, and even help the fight against cancer.

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