Ionic Foot Detox and Fatty Tumors


How can Ionic Foot Detox Help Your Skin and Your Fatty Tumors?

Doctor Terrance Cooper, has had a wealth of experience in treating people with all types of ailments.  One of the tools that he utilized was the Ionic Foot Detox Machine.  This is the story of a fellow that he had visit his office:

Story Time

I had a building contractor come to my office complaining of pain in his joints. He said that the pain had been coming on for the past two or three years. Lately it was very difficult for him to do any type of work. He had to hire out laborers when building his homes and it took away much of his profit. His wife worked alongside of him and she was his first and second hands while he was having all of these problems.

He had came to me for Chiropractic care, however when I did my examination I noticed that he had small lumps or tumors on his arms. I asked him about the tumors he said he had hundreds of them all over his body. He removed his shirt and on his front and back and around his stomach was small tumors of different sizes. We counted 203 fatty tumors. They mostly were round or oblong in size and all under two inches in diameter.

Oh No!

Where he lived he also said he owned a small farm. He bailed his own alfalfa hay, and sold it. I learned that he painted his own homes, sprayed his own alfalfa with pesticides, and I also learned that he worked with a friend of his in the past, paving driveways. For years he had been breathing in toxic fumes from painting, spraying and tar from the pavement.

He did need some chiropractic care which was corrected in a few visits. However, I talked to him about his past accumulation of toxins from his work  environment and the need to detoxify his system. You should have seen the large amount of sediment that was on top of the water after his detox. He said he even felt better.

The Fix

I started him out on a program, of three times a week, and about three weeks later he said that his fatty tumors were getting smaller and softer. Over a 6 month period most of his fatty tumors has dissipated and only a few remained.

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