Ionic Foot Bath: The Ultimate Home Spa Solution

Ionic Foot Bath: The Ultimate Home Spa Solution - HEALTHandMED

Ionic Foot Baths, also known as "ionic foot baths," are electrolytic baths that use ionic resin to reduce accumulated toxic substances in the human body. It works by passing a direct electrical current through water and skin simultaneously. Electric charge from anode dissolves into water and then passes through the pore of feet to enter the human. For those interested in the potential benefits of an ionic foot bath, it's important to choose a high-quality foot detox machine, such as the best ionic foot detox machine on the market, which can help to ensure an effective and safe detoxification experience. So how does an ionic foot bath work?

What is the size of an ionic foot bath?

 The surface area of the water tank should be about 50 cm x 30 cm, and the depth of 6-8 cm. Please set up the machine on a waterproof soft mat or blanket on top of a table so that your feet can rest there comfortably. Check more details here.

Who is suitable for Ionic Foot Bath? 

Naturally, an ionic foot bath will help relieve toxic substances in our body by improving the metabolic activity of our immune system and increase the efficiency of blood circulation so that cells absorb oxygen and nutrients well and accomplish recovery from fatigue quicker. However, there are still some limitations to using ionic foot baths, such as pregnant women, people with skin diseases, and acute colds. People should take care of their conductivity when getting treatment(see more details here).

What is the right time for an ionic foot bath?

 It usually is recommended to have a treatment in the morning before you go out for work and in the evening after work. One machine is sufficient for 4-5 treatments a day.

How long does it take to get treatment with Ionic Foot Bath?

 It takes about 20-30 minutes to have an ionic foot bath, and the whole process is as follows: After collecting water in the bathtub, which uses tap water that has been filtered with activated carbon. The ionic foot bath will turn on automatically at exactly 10:00 A.M. The treatment duration is 20 minutes – after that, it turns off automatically, and water will be drained out by itself. After refilling water again, the machine works similarly to break down toxic substances in the human body.

The ionic foot bath will start to work again at exactly 4:00 P.M; then the treatment duration is 20 minutes – after that, it turns off automatically, and water will be drained out by itself. So the total time needed for treatment is about 20-30 minutes, which can be done two times in the morning and two times in the evening. So I can use a machine for 6-7 days if it is well maintained.

What kind of ion concentration should we have in our body water?

 When using an ionic foot bath, the body requires a certain level of positive ions to be present to improve its function. The ratio between negative ions and positive ions is called the ionic balance, and it usually should be between 10(+): 1 ( ). However, for a person who has a high amount of negative ions in their body, such as chemical workers, the level needed is 5(+): 1(–); otherwise, they will experience muscle pain.

What kind of water is suitable for Ionic Foot Bath?

 It is recommended to use distilled water, reverse osmosis water, or specific ionic foot bath water, as tap water contains chlorine and calcium that will destroy positive ions at high concentrations.

What does an ionization test result show us?

 When the output of Ionic Foot Bath reaches the highest level, a test will show us the level of positive ion concentration, which is a good reference for people to maintain their physical condition and health.

To maintain your body in a healthy state, you should carry out ionic foot bath treatment once every two weeks and have an ionization test within one month 

How to maintain Ionic Foot Bath? 

Firstly, you should put the ionic foot bath in a ventilated and dry place not to be damaged by water vapor for more than 2 hours. Secondly, to keep the machine working, use some soft cloths to wipe off water drops from its body every day. In addition, make sure that it is switched off when you are done with the treatment and ensure that all input and output ports on the machine are closed during storage. The ionic foot bath has been equipped with a protection circuit for over voltage or short-circuit, so if an abnormality occurs, it will cut off power automatically. Moreover, you should not pour water into the ionic foot bath without a drainage hole. However, you can adjust the amount of water by using a container to collect water and pour it into the ionic foot bath.

Why is Ion Foot Bath treatment popular? 

The results from the air ionization test in recent years have shown that negative ions are usually present at a certain level in the human body. However, indoor air contains a limited amount of negative ions due to joint air pollution. Also, factors such as high temperature and moisture can cause more negative ions to be produced. Negative ions reduce oxygen in the blood so that it is less effective for a person's metabolism, which results in a weak immune system.

The ionic foot bath has been proven to improve the quality of body water and provide a better living environment. Additionally, it can also improve blood circulation and reduce muscle pain caused by stress.

What do we feel during Ionic Foot Bath?

 After staying long hours sitting in an office for work or driving on the road for a long-distance, many people find their muscle ache or lower limb swollen. The Ionic Foot Bath can give the body a sense of relaxation and ease when people go into it due to the high concentration of negative ions in the footbath tank. Also, an air ionization test shows that for a person who has a lower level of positive ions in their body, such as those who are indoor or work in chemical industries, the ionic foot bath is more suitable for them.

After taking a tour, we can feel our body become lighter and sense a "clean" sensation in our whole body and a less painful feeling after spending time on my feet. After using the Ion Foot Bath, It feels relieving.

Ionic Foot Bath is also an excellent way to relax, which is very important for our health. However, apart from physical relaxation, the ionic foot bath can release stress in your head while you are relaxing in it. I am sure that many people wish to have a comfortable environment for their bodies to keep themselves healthy and happy.

The ionic foot bath has been proved as a great way of boosting health for people who are experiencing different levels of physical discomfort, especially those who work indoors or have stressful jobs. Therefore, I think it will be a good investment for your health!

It is recommended to use ionic foot bath treatment once every two weeks and has an air ionization test within one month (see more info here).