Manually Programming Your GForce DUAL MOTOR Whole Body Vibration Power Vibe Plate Exercise Machine

How to Program User Settings Into GForce Dual Motor Power Vibe Plate Machine

Now that you’ve purchased a Whole Body Vibration Machine it’s always good to know how to program it. While every single machine we ship comes with instructions, we understand that instructions themselves can get lost easily. That’s why we’ve decided to help out our customers by posting some basic instructions on how to program the user-programmable settings in the GForce Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Power Vibe Plate Exercise Machine.

  • There are 3 programmable modes on your vibration system: U1, U2 and U3. To find these on your system, power your machine on and press the (3) Mode Button until the desired programmable mode is reached.
  • This system has 13 intervals which will need to be programmed individually within each programmable mode. To start programming your first interval in mode U1 press the (1) (P)rogram button located on the top of the control panel. Now you are able to set timer, and intensity levels for Oscillation and Triplaner functions.
    • To set timer within the first interval simply press the (4) Time + or (3) Time buttons located on the control panel. You are able to program between 0 to 60 seconds. (note if you wish to not use an interval, a time of – – would be used, this would simply skip this interval and go to the next)
    • Intensity levels of the Oscillation and Triplaner functions range from 0-60. Press the + or (9, 10) (11, 12) located on the left and right hand sides of the display to set level. The left side of controller controls Oscillation, the right side controls Triplaner.
  • Once you have set the first Interval press the (1) (P)rogram button located on the top of the control panel again to set the next interval. Continue with this process until all 13 intervals have been programed.
  • When finished press the (7) Start/Stop button