How To Spot BPA Free Receipt Paper

The only company in the U.S. that produces a BPA free version of thermal paper, which is the widely used paper for receipts, has just announced a new method of letting consumers know that they are not being exposed to BPA. We recently updated you on a new study that had discovered that the BPA found on most types of receipt paper was entering the body through the skin. You can see that post here: BPA Toxin Coats Cash Register Receipts The largest producer of thermal paper, Appleton, is also the only producer of BPA free thermal paper. They have come up with a clever way for consumers to know that their receipts are indeed Appleton’s BPA free paper. They now add small flakes of red rayon fibers to the back of their BPA free thermal paper. With continual research revealing the dangers of exposure to BPA, news that small steps are being taken to give consumers the ability to chose to avoid BPA is more than welcome.