How to Clean a HEPA Filter

How to Clean a HEPA Filter - HEALTHandMED

Cleaning HEPA Filters ensures longer-term usage

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters ensure superior air quality inside our homes and protect us from a wide range of health risks associated with indoor air pollution (approximately 99.97% of all contaminant particles measuring .3 microns) that aren’t usually captured by traditional air filters. When used in Air purifiers and ozone generators, these filters go a long way toward preventing allergies and other common respiratory problems.

Easy steps to clean HEPA filters

HEPA filters require a simple maintenance routine, which is started by first turning off your air filtration system and gently removing the HEPA filter that needs cleaning. We recommend taking the filter outside to clean it rather than risk filling your house with the mess and dust that is contained within the filter.

The next steps in the process depend greatly on whether you choose to clean the filter by air or by water.

Cleaning the filter with an air hose

Next, place the HEPA filter on top of a trash can or some plastic and spray the filter with an air hose. It’s important to spray both sides of the filter and shake it while spraying it with the air to ensure that any dust or dirt that might be stuck in the filter is broken loose.

Cleaning the air filter with Water

This step can be utilized instead of using an air hose or after using an air hose, depending on your preference. Use a garden hose to spray water (with moderate pressure, to prevent serious damage) over the HEPA filter. Once you’ve sprayed the filter thoroughly, it’s important to let the filter dry naturally (don’t use a hair dryer or other dryer) in a leaning position. Once it’s completely dry, carefully place it back inside your air filtration system and turn it on to test its functionality.