How Chocolate Benefits Blood Pressure

There have been many tests done over the years that have shown chocolate to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. Only now has research been done that shows exactly what it is about chocolate that leads to health benefits.

Researchers from Linkping University in Sweden worked with a group of volunteers to make this latest discovery. “We have previously shown that green tea inhibits the enzyme ACE, which is involved in the body’s fluid balance and blood pressure regulation. Now we wanted to study the effect of cocoa, since the active substances catechins and procyanidines are related,” explained Ingrid Persson. Researchers tested blood samples from the volunteers before and then three hours after the test subjects had eaten 75 grams of dark chocolate that contained 72% cocoa. The results were comparable to high blood pressure drugs that are designed to inhibit ACE. “Our findings indicate that changes in lifestyle with the help of foods that contain large concentrations of catechins and procyaninides prevent cardiovascular diseases,” concluded Persson. At we carry a fabulous product that is recommended for improving cardiovascular health. You can see it here: VasCor Complex