How can something so delicious be good for you?

We just received a new stock of JoJo’s Chocolate Bark. I had some on my desk, and I was getting super hungry by 11am. So, I tried one. Then I just had to try another, and another…. I guess the rest of my sandwich that I brought for lunch will have to wait until tomorrow.

It was so yummy. I got to thinking — how can something that tastes so divine actually be good for you? Dark chocolate is extremely good for you. In fact, I recently read a book that reported on decades long longevity studies done all over the world. The #1 conclusion from the the research is that cultures that live longer and healthier lives consume more antioxidants in their diet. And dark chocolate has more antioxidants than almost anything else. The polyphenol antioxidant content per 40-gram (1.4-ounce) serving of dark chocolate (containing 60%-63% cacao) is 1,000 mg/serving.

JoJos chocolate bark

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