High Blood Sugar Is Serious Business. What Can You Do Right Away?

Left untreated, high blood sugar levels cause you to feel tired and weak, be thirsty, and urinate a lot, be susceptible to infections and have blurry vision. In the elderly, high blood sugar levels can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and lead to falls. Falls in the elderly result in broken hips that are often fatal. High blood sugar levels over years can lead to classic complications of diabetes, eye disease (retinopathy that leads to blindness), kidney disease, including nephropathy leading to kidney failure necessitating either dialysis or transplantation, and nerve disease or neuropathy which commonly leads to amputations. In addition, poorly controlled diabetes over the long term can also contribute to heart disease, along with inadequately controlled cholesterol and blood pressure levels. So what can you do? Getting on the right track means: Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle changes. The typical medical doctor won’t save such a patient because nutrition is outside his purview. Give your self GTF Complex to help block sugar uptake and move sugar out of the bloodstream, plus Green Nutrients to provide minerals needed for electrolyte balance. There’s really no time to waste when it comes to blood sugar problems.

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