GMO Crops Found In The Wild

One of the warnings that GMO opponents have continually issued since the beginning of Genetically Modified crop use is that genes from GMO’s would spread to the wild and reek havoc on natural biodiversity. It appears that they may be right.

Scientists from the University of Arkansas, North Dakota State University, California State University, Fresno and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have announced their discovery of established populations of genetically modified plants living in the wild, a finding that is sure to stir controversy around an already hot button issue. The researchers collected over 400 canola plants and found that 86% of them contained GMO genes. “There were also two instances of multiple transgenes in single individuals,” explained one of the study’s coauthors Cynthia Sagers, University of Arkansas. “Varieties with multiple transgenic traits have not yet been released commercially, so this finding suggests that feral populations are reproducing and have become established outside of cultivation. These observations have important implications for the ecology and management of native and weedy species, as well as for the management of biotech products in the U.S.” said Sagers. The battle over GMO crops continually rages between those that feel this technology is to dangerous to be used until they are further tested and proven safe, and those that feel that science has already

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