Introducing the GForce Pro S Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

Introducing the GForce Pro S Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine - HEALTHandMED

Why GForce Pro S?

The new GForce Pro S professional-grade 1500W Vibration Machine has just been released and features an upgraded aluminum alloy body (not plastic), larger base (more on this in a moment), noiseless motors, and new digital display. The GForce Pro S is also the first GForce machine to feature a USB port for music, built-in speakers and a calorie counter!

GForce Pro S is Built to Last

The GForce Pro S is especially made for those looking to get more out of a vibration plate machine. It is built to be used more times a day and hold up to wear and tear better than any other machine. With its heavier duty aluminum alloy frame and sturdy buttons, you can expect to be able to use the machine more often and worry less about any problems coming up -- allowing you from achieving your fitness goals.

The GForce Pro S 1500W Vibration Machine comes with arm straps for upper body workouts. These straps assist with upper body strength building exercises among other uses.

The Large Platform / Plate (27″ x 20.5″) size allow you to spread out on the machine which gives you better vibration and more control. It allows you to better do things like push-ups or by spreading your legs wider you can get more up and down movement just like you would on a larger teeter totter compared to a short one!

Of course, the GForce Pro S also features dual motors for the best possible physical fitness you can get:

Oscillation Motion:

The Oscillation motor allows the vibration plate to pivot back and forth like a see-saw. This type of vibration has impressive results with lymphatic drainage, weight loss, balance and improving fast twitch muscle function.

Triplanar Motion:

The Triplanar motor moves the vibration plate in a spiral motion. The movements are very quick and have smaller amplitudes. This type of motion is perfect for increasing muscle strength and bone density while helping to reduce inflammation.

Because of the aforementioned features and the powerful specs featured within the machine, the GForce Pro S is best suited for gyms, physicians offices and high use homes.

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