Start your Own Natural Health Business with the IonizeMe Detox Foot Bath

Become the Boss with the IonizeMe Business Package

“Health” can take a few meanings nowadays, especially in today’s difficult economy. Obviously we’re a company that focuses on healthy living through natural health and fitness products, but one area of health that we can help focus on, which may not be plainly obvious to some, is financial health. Let’s face it, we’ve all had jobs we haven’t liked, bosses we wish we never had, or been in financial dire straits at the worst possible moment. One way to overcome all of these obstacles simultaneously is by starting your own natural health business.

Become financially independent with Natural Health

At HEALTHandMED, we give you all the tools you need to be successful with our IonizeMe Business Package, which lets you generate annual revenues of $25,000 – $45,000 USD with a single investment of $649.98! Take a look at the chart below, in which we show the revenues for an average working year of 240 days when you charge $30 per foot detox session. By completing 10 sessions a day, you can earn up to $72,000!

# of sessions/day Gross Revenues
2 $14,400
3 $21,600
4 $28,800
5 $36,000
6 $43,200
7 $50,400
8 $57,600
9 $64,800
10 $72,000

The Tools you Need for Success

You won’t be alone; as we mentioned earlier, we’re giving you everything you need for success, and that includes our 16-page comprehensive Foot Detox Business guide, which will provide you with valuable information on marketing, getting and retaining clients, finances, and legal information. The IonizeMe Deluxe Business Package also includes over $1,000 in items to help you down the road to success.

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