Fight Depression WithVitamin C?

You read the title correctly. Vitamin C is being shown to improve one’s emotional state.

Researchers at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital (JGH) and the affiliated Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI) performed a double-blind study to explore the effects of vitamin C on admitted patients. Patients were randomly given either vitamin C or vitamin D supplements for seven to ten days and then observed for the effects. A marked and statistically relevant emotional improvement in the patients who were given vitamin C was noted. “About one in five acute-care patients in our hospital have vitamin C levels so low as to be compatible with scurvy,” explained Hoffer, a Senior Physician in the Divisions of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, and a professor of medicine at McGill University. “But patients are rarely given vitamin supplements. Most physicians are simply unaware of the problem. Subclinical deficiencies of vitamin C and D have each been linked to psychological abnormalities, so we examined that aspect in our clinical trial.” “The lack of any effect of vitamin D on mood is good evidence we are not dealing with a placebo response,” said Dr. Hoffer. “This looks like a true biological effect. Our finding definitely requires follow up in larger studies in other centres,” he said. “The treatment is safe, simple and cheap, and could have major clinical practice implications.”

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