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We had a wonderful family night with the IonizeMe Maxx Dual Detox Foot Bath!

Our family has been wanting to make better and healthier decisions in our lifestyle as we know we have not been taking the best care of our bodies. We know that part of that would be including clearing our bodies of all the toxins we have been exposed to such as environmentally as well as what we have ingested in our daily consumption of food and such.

We decided to take the initiative to begin cleansing our bodies of unwanted toxins and parasites and doing a complete 180 on our diet and physical activity. We have started first with using the Detox Foot Bath as well as using supplements to restart our sluggish systems.

My husband and daughter both reported to me that they could feel such a difference in how they felt. Usually, my 10-year-old daughter is very lethargic and cranky in the mornings getting ready for school and this morning she was very energetic and happy!

My husband was able to have a restful sleep and was not feeling sluggish upon rising this morning. He has had many concerns with not being able to fall asleep and great fatigue in his day. This was all just after only one session with the Detox Foot Bath.
We will be making this a regular thing for our family for sure as this has been such a positive investment for us!

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