Dual Polarity vs Single Polarity Foot Bath Detox Machines

Water Ionization in Foot Bath Detox

What does Dual Polarity mean?

Dual Polarity means that the direction the current travels through the array wire is constantly changing. 

How does it change the effectiveness of Ionization?

There is no advantage to switching polarities. We repeat, there is no advantage to switching polarities.  It doesn't change anything about the type of ions being generated.  It doesn’t make the ions more positive or more negative or anything.  But what is extremely important for greater ionization and greater effectiveness with detox is a high output voltage (as measured by a real voltmeter) and a high current.

Important Facts:

Every ionic detox machine in the world produces negative and positive ions. They all perform electrolysis of water.  Dual polarity or single polarity operation does not change the ions in the water.  Both dual and single polarity machines produce the same negative and positive ions. 

But our IonizeMe Maxx series machines are more powerful (18 - 20 Volts Output) so they produce more negative and positive ions than all the others in the industry.  More ions in the tub means more ions entering the body through the thousands of pores in the feet.  And more ions in the body means a more effective detox!