Dr. Gadget on ABCs The View Shows Our FIR-Real Sauna

Dr. Gadget on ABCs The View Shows Our FIR-Real Sauna - HEALTHandMED

The FIR100 portable infrared sauna is a fantastic and effective way to get the cleansing and revitalization you need. Not only that, but all of our portable infrared saunas are affordable and accessible, ensuring that you can find one that’s a perfect fit for your own needs. Infrared saunas offer many unique benefits. As opposed to other saunas, the infrared heats your body directly, not indirectly via heating the air. An infrared sauna also provides even heating, helping your whole body to be regulated in the correct fashion. Plus, every portable infrared sauna that you see here utilizes far infrared waves, the safe, effective and beneficial range for humans. This infrared sauna can be used right away, and can be set up in anywhere! The infrared saunas available from HEALTHandMED.com vary in terms of specific features; typically though, a seat is included inside and the materials prevent the buildup of any bacteria, odor or moisture after usage. We know that once you try using a portable infrared sauna, you’ll never want to be without one again. Want to see our whole selection of Portable Infrared Saunas? CLICK HERE!

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