Corn Based BPA Replacement

For those of you following the continued research into the safety/dangers of Bisphenol A (BPA) here is some encouraging news. Scientists have figured out how to create a product that acts much the same as BPA, but it is derived from corn, instead of petroleum.

The company Archer Daniels Midland is now producing the corn-based chemical called isosorbide. “With increased interest in environmental improvement, we see growing opportunity to expand our portfolio of renewable industrial products,” said the ADM Industrial Chemicals business director, Robert Broomham. Isosorbide can be used in the manufacture of most of the same products as BPA can, such as polyesters, epoxy resins for paints, polycarbonates for durable goods and optical media, packaging and durable goods and detergents. Althought corn is a renewable resource it is also a food crop and therefore many people do not see it as ideal. Another concern is that isosorbide has not been sufficiently tested to see if it leads to health problems unique to it’s composition. To read about the dangers of BPA please see recents posts about it here: BPA Health Concerns

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