Congratulations to Ginger!


Congratulations to Ginger and thanks to all our customers who helped our company purchased the horse “Dream” to be used for therapeutic horseback riding.We were also able to pay forher service dog’s training!

Ginger has cerebral palsy, and we donated $15.00 to this cause whenever our customers purchased a certain model portable infrared sauna.

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Ginger’s mother updated usabout the generous donations for her daughter:

“Ginger is actually doing quite well over all! She loves her school! She get’s mostly A’s (modified curriculum of course) She’s a little nervous about going to High School next year…
Dream is doing fantastic! You can see she’s a character from the goofy picture I attached! She has matured well and everyone loves her that sees her! She is the most gorgeous horse I’ve ever seen in my whole life and she has an excellent personality as well! we adore her so much I can’t even express what a huge blessing she has been in so many different ways…
It’s funny because Ginger KNOWS Dream is HER horse and Dream really likes ginger probably from all the apples and carrots Ginger brings her…”

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