Cell Phone Radiation: Best & Worst Phones

The debate about whether or not electromagneticfields(EMF’s), that cell phones radiate, are dangerous continues throughout the country. Theanswersabout cell phone radiation safety may be a long time off and many people want to err on the side of safety.

While waiting for adefinitive conclusionabout EMF’s please find this list of the ten highest and ten lowest emitting phones currently on the market. Top Ten Lowest Emitting Cell Phones:

  1. Sanyo Katana II
  2. Samsung Rugby (SGH-a837)
  3. Samsung Memoir (SGH-T929)
  4. Samsung (SGH-t229)
  5. Helio Pantech Ocean
  6. Sony Ericsson W518a
  7. Samsung (SGH-a137)
  8. LG Shine II
  9. LG CF369
  10. Samsung Flight (SGH-A797)

Top Ten Highest Emitting Cell Phones:

  1. Motorola W385
  2. Motorola Boost i290
  3. HTC Magic
  4. Kyocera Jax S1300
  5. Motorola i355
  6. Motorola Bosst i335
  7. Blackberry Bold 9700
  8. Motorola Moto VE440
  9. Palm Pixi
  10. Blackberry 8820

For those of you who have an iphone 3GS and want to know where exactly it falls on this list, well it’s just about right in the middle. Cell phone radiation isn’t going away, nor is the debate over it’s safety. Hopefully this information will be helpful.

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