Buy a Portable FIR Sauna and Help a Ten Year Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy Get Therapy! needs your help. Our goal is to raise $1,500 for one year of therapeutic horseback riding lessons for ten year old Ginger Roth. She has cerebral palsy and this treatment has been crucial for her progress. Starting right now, will donate 5% of revenues from all portable FIR-Real Portable Sauna purchases for Ginger’s therapy. Ginger can receive her necessary therapy only with the help of donations because she lives with her mother who was laid off last year due to the recession. would like your help in providing a year of therapy for Ginger. We are raising $1500, which will provide a year of treatment. To reach this goal, we will be donating 5% of every FIR Real Sauna sale to Ginger. To see Ginger riding her horse, go ahead and watch this video:

According to Ginger’s mother Maryann Baker (pictured to the right), “She contracted cerebral palsy due to a stroke

during pregnancy. When she’s on a horse there are no disabilities; she’s totally free; she’s beautiful; she loves it; she doesn’t know that she’s going to therapy. And you know; you see the grin on her face; you see the freedom and beauty of this child. We do see an increase in her stamina, in her balance, in her agility, and especially in her core body strength, as well as her confidence level. As the parent of a special needs child this is the very best thing we have ever done for her.” Says Carol Heiden, Director of Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center “That is wonderful that is working to raise money for Gingers riding! Ginger is riding GiGi, a quarter horse mare. If you want to see GiGi you can visit our website.”

Help Ginger continue her therapy today!

To see how the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center is helping Ginger and other kids with disabilities, check out this video.