Sleep Helps to Detoxify Your Brain

As we covered here at HEALTHandMED before, sleep can assist in the detoxification process. While power naps certainly have their place, there can be no substitue for a good night’s sleep.

Researchers recently discovered that during sleep, the space between cells in the glymphatic system increases by 60 percent, which in turn opens up channels and increase the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to carry away toxins. This space decreases again when the subject is not sleeping.

In addition to exercise’s positive effects on the brain, paying attention to your sleeping habits can aid in detoxification, which is also further enhanced by using an Ionic Detox Foot Bath. There are countless benefits of sleep, including improved memory, decreased inflammation, increased creativity, maintenance of good weight, and more. With that being said, the amount of sleep isn’t necessarily agreed upon by health experts, but most tend to agree that you should stick to a sleep cycle that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvinated while not getting too much or too little. Meditation is also a good idea.