Body Cleanse

Americans don’t have a shortage of gadgets or programs dedicated to body detoxification. People are wondering what exactly it means to detox and how it is best to go about detoxing. Far Infrared Ray Saunas are emerging as a key tool for getting a quality full body detox. The process of removing impurities from the blood, and the body as a whole is a simple way to define detoxification. When the body is functioning properly it removes toxins from the body through the liver, kidney, intestines, lymph, skin and lungs. When the body’s natural detox systems are compromised every part of the body is effected negatively. It is in this state of compromised health that a good detox cleanse is needed. Some of the most popular and effective methods used for a great body detox are Detox Diets, Ionic Detox Foot Bath Systems, and Portable Infrared Saunas. All of these are powerful devices that can take your average detox diet to the next level.

Portable FIR saunas are continually becoming the preferred method for detoxifying because there has been a lot of research published about them. Increased body temperature (hyperthermia) is one of the body’s natural ways to get rid of viruses, bacteria and other toxins. This is accomplished when the hyperthermia brings about a healthy sweat that expunges the toxins through the skin. Infrared sauna heat is able to penetrate deep into the body and induce the detoxifying benefits of hyperthermia. Here is a list of some of the toxins that daily sweating in a portable FIR sauna can help the body to remove: Potentially carcinogenic heavy metals (nickel, lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum) as well as sulfuric acid, alcohol, sodium, arsenic, nicotine, cholesterol, hydrocarbon residues, ammonia, uric acid, narcotic drugs and hormone disrupting chemicals (dioxins, PCBs, pesticides, formaldehyde, industrial chemicals, gasoline, food additives, agricultural chemicals, etc.). Toxins such as these are often stored deep under the skin in the fat of the body and internal organs. Since infrared heat is able to penetrate deep into the body and cause water molecule resonance around the cells, and the frequency of the far infrared matches the human body’s resonance, the water molecules are able to move more freely through the cell membranes. This allow the toxins to be pushed out with the sweating of oils through the skin. If you have been struggling to make the choice about detox methods, you will probably discover that a half-hour session in an infrared sauna is an easy way to improve your health. Getting a quality detox is important, and portable FIR saunas are an easy and relaxing addition to any detox regiment.

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