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Benefits of Spray Gun Mist Applicators for Healthy Tanning Solutions

We’ve gone over all of the benefits of sunless tanning before, but what about the benefits of the applicators themselves? Specifically for salon operators who are looking for an easy way to assist their clients with all their tanning needs, the Spray Gun Mist Applicators provide options for the best tanning experience possible for both the salon operator and the client.

Benefits of Spray Gun Mist Applicators

  • Lightweight and portable, and is carefully balanced for comfort and durability
  • Designed with fewer parts requiring less maintenance, making it user friendly
  • Computer design ensures accuracy and precision
  • Custom misting tip which provides unparalleled efficiency
  • Soft mist delivers a comfortable, flawless tanning experience for technician and client
  • Variable spray gun settings for different applications
  • Very easy to clean and maintain

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