Beetroot, Study of Natures Blood Pressure Medicine

Many high blood pressure sufferers are familiar with the common nitrate pills that reduce blood pressure. Many people who have been searching for a natural way to get the same results will need to look no further. According to a new study beetroot juice appears to be the natural remedy of choice. Amrita Ahluwalia, Professor of Vascular Biology at Queen Mary’s William Harvey Research Institute, the author of the study, explained that because of the naturally occurring nitrate in the beetroot juice, people are able to find similar relief to what they would find with nitrate pills. “We showed that beetroot and nitrate capsules are equally effective in lowering blood pressure indicating that it is the nitrate content of beetroot juice that underlies its potential to reduce blood pressure. We also found that only a small amount of juice is needed just 250ml – to have this effect, and that the higher the blood pressure at the start of the study the greater the decrease caused by the nitrate,” explained Dr. Ahluwalia. “We gave inorganic nitrate capsules or beetroot juice to healthy volunteers and compared their blood pressure responses and the biochemical changes occurring in the circulation,” he continued. “Our previous study two years ago found that drinking beetroot juice lowered blood pressure; now we know how it works.” This ground breaking research could lead to natural treatments for high blood pressure that have not previously been available to the public.

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