Asthma Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency

Researchers have been looking for possible links between vitamin D and asthma for years. New research has just emerged that shows a strong connection between the two. The report was published in the online journal American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

Results from the study showed that “after adjusting for age, sex, body mass index, income, and treatment group, insufficient vitamin D status was associated with a higher odds of any hospitalization or emergency department visit.” We measured 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in sera collected from 1024 children with mild-to-moderate persistent asthma at the time of enrollment in a multicenter clinical trial of children randomized to receive budesonide, nedocromil, or placebo (as-needed -agonists): the Childhood Asthma Management Program. Using multivariable modeling, we examined the relationship between baseline vitamin D levels and the odds of any hospitalization or emergency department visit over the 4 years of the trial,” continued the study’s authors. Studies linking asthma to deficiencies in vitamin D are not new, but each round of research paints a clearer picture of how the two are linked. At HEALTHandMED we carry a very popular product that many of our long time customers have found helpful in mitigating the issues surrounding asthma. The Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler has been found to be a useful tool for combating asthma when used either in conjunction with vitamin D or by itself.

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