Arthritis Pain, Yoga, and You

Yoga benefits sufferers of Arthritis and joint pain

Yoga is a practice of exercises, breathing techniques and meditation that started in ancient India 5,000 years ago and has continued to be touted to this day as a way to boost physical and mental health. According to the Arthritis Foundation practicing yoga regularly can reduce pain, increase flexibility, and improve function and lower stress. Yoga has also been said to help improve the lives of those suffering from arthritis pain.

Arthritis Pain killer with Yoga and Vibration

Recent scientific studies of people with various types of arthritis show that regular yoga practice can help reduce joint pain, improve joint flexibility and function and lower stress and tension to promote better sleep. Yoga comes in many different forms, but generally involves positioning the body in various poses along with coordinated breathing and meditation exercises.

Another exercise tool that many people have been embracing in the modern age is the Whole Body Vibration Machine, which vibrate the body, which itself carries with it a wide range of benefits. When combined with an exercise routine, including yoga, vibration machines can help enhance the experience and have a more profoundly positive effect.


Some yoga poses may need to be modified for people with arthritis. Downward facing dog, for example, involves kneeling on the floor and raising your body with your arms. People with arthritis may also need to use an aid to help maintain balance during some poses. In this way, vibration machines with their handles and their bases can be invaluable companions to yoga, whether the vibration is being used at that moment or not.

Yoga helps the body and the mind, and can vastly improve the outlook one has each day on even the smallest day to day task. While it’s a good idea to embrace other types of exercise for a better overall workout, yoga is a big component. Vibration machines are another. If you use them together, you’ll not only be better physically, but you’ll also find mental benefits as well.