An Essay, by Ginger Roth

Since launched it’s fundraiser last week for Ginger Roth’s therapy at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding her treatment and what we are doing to ensure she gets it. We thought it would be fun to post this essay that she wrote about horses so we can all get to know her a little better.

I Like Horses


Ginger Roth

Horses come in many different colors, shapes and sizes from small to big. The biggest can weigh almost 3000 pounds. They can stand as high as 6 feet at the shoulders down to small or miniature horses and ponies as well. Horses come in a variety of colors from brown, black, white, gray, tan, and many variations in between including dots and unique markings. Horses live in the wild as well as being kept outside in pastures and barns and stalls. Humans and horses have been together for centuries and have really benefited each other especially before the invention of cars. Horses can have babies called colts and fillies and have live births like humans. When they are first born they need encouragement from their moms to stand and then eventually nurse and survive. I like horses because you ride on their backs. I like horses because they are an animal that you have to take care of. They like to eat hay and you can give them horse treats if they like them. They have a neck and they have a mane of hair down the back of their neck. They have two feet in the front and two in the back with hooves as the end of their feet. They can also wag their tail and swing it high when they are happy. Horses drink water and they eat hay and sometimes are fed grains and horse treats. They also like carrots and apples, like I do. They have to be brushed and groomed. They like to be brushed after you ride them and before they get put away in their stalls. You also need to keep their hooves clean and some horses wear horseshoes. You have to take good care of horses otherwise they die. And if you do take good care of them, then they stay alive. To take care of a horse you have to brush them and groom them and feed them and water them and make sure they are taken good care of. You have to be gentle with a horse and you have to move slowly around the backside of a horse so that you dont get kicked. My horse Zippy sometimes lifts her tail up when I walk behind her. Horses sometime poop and pea like people do, only they go on the ground and then you have to clean up poop out of their stalls. I get to ride a horse named Zippy at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding center (CTRC). She is a good horse. Sometimes she likes to trot and run fast. Sometimes shes bad and sometimes shes good. She is an Appaloosa that is white with brown spots and brown eyes. She used to be in rodeos and would carry the rodeo queens in parades. She is a beautiful show horse. I love to ride Zippy. She is my favorite horse. I wish that someday I could own Zippy or an amazing horse like her. I love horses!

Thank you Ginger for your essay, and thanks to everyone who is helping to fund her therapy.

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