Amazing Ionic Detox Results for a Musician

Picture of an electric guitar on a bluish cloudy background.  Text reads Musician's Hands Improve after Taking Foot Detox

Picture of a Professional Guitarist's hand and how swollen his fingers wereImagine no longer being able to do the thing you love because your fingers are no longer behaving the way they are supposed to.  Imagine no longer being able to do the thing that you are most passionate about.  Doctor Cooper had one such phone call recently.  This individual was a professional guitar player who was unable to play because his hands had swollen up so much (see the first of the attached pictures).

According to Doctor Cooper, "He plays the guitar and has not been unable use his guitar because his right hand has swollen so much and he does not know the cause. He called me and I have been having him detox daily and I am also having him using Epson salts for 15 minutes then following up with the detox. He is progressing and he reports to me daily with pictures. Gene texted me today and said, he picked up his guitar and was able to use his right hand. He was so grateful for this, as he was unable to play and use his right hand. The second picture is after two weeks daily detoxing with his hands in the water. Now he is putting his feet in the water every other day. He is soaking with Epson Salts ½ hour per day."Picture of Professional Guitarist's hand and how much the swelling has gone down in relation to the before picture

Thank you, Doctor Cooper for talking our friend through the process of healing and allowing him to be able to return to his passion.

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