Ionic Yoga Music CD


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Ionic Yoga™ CD

Ionic Yoga™ is a guided relaxation trip designed specifically for use during an ionic footbath.

It is well known that guided relaxation music relieves stress and assists healing. Ionic Yoga™ uses the yogic principles of body and breath awareness, visualizations, and affirmations to deeply relax the footbath user, enhancing healing and detoxification during a session. Ionic Yoga is different from ordinary guided relaxation music because it gives specific instructions related to the footbath setting, i.e. “become comfortable in the chair,” “set a healing intention” and to “affirm positive results for the session”

This relaxing spa music CD is based upon the author’s 20 years of daily yoga practice

Sample Clips:

  • Ionic Yoga Relaxation Healing Clip
  • Chakra Meditation Clip
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