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About HEALTHandMED.com

HEALTHandMED.com is your #1 online destination for natural health products and healthy living resources to help you feel great again!

Here you'll find the latest in high quality health technology resources - whether you're looking for a whole body vibration machine, the best salt lamp available, an ionic detox machine, a portable infrared sauna, a microdermabrasion treatment system, an ultrasound machine, or even the finest in convenient home spa equipment.

You now have access to a wide variety of superior health enhancing products such as microdermabrasion systems to improve your natural skin appearance and texture, water ionizers, spa equipment, nutritional suppplements, a Himalayan salt lamp or other naturally healthful salt products, as well as our ever popular ionic detox foot bath machines.

About Healthandmed



We offer great selections and competitive pricing on many state of the art health products such as:

  • A premium whole body vibration machine
  • The best salt lamp and Himalayan salt product line available
  • Superior built ionic detox foot bath machines
  • High end portable infrared saunas
  • Advanced microdermabrasion treatment systems
  • Top notch home spa equipment
  • High grade ultrasound machines
  • ... and more.

So make sure you browse around and allow us to empower you on your quest to quickly achieve optimum health, rejuvenation... and happiness.

Look really good... and feel really great - AGAIN!

You're solution is merely a click or phone call away - regardless of whether you desire far healthier skin, pain relief treatment, or improved energy.

Our customer care is unparalleled and second to none and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.

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