Sagan Journey Filter Water Bottle

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  • Travel Water Filter that Filters Up To 250 Gallons
  • removes bacteria, virus and giardia
  • 24 fl. oz. Capacity
  • Makes Any Non-Salt Water Source Drinkable
  • Easy to open

The Sagan Journey Filtered water bottle can filter up to 250 gallons, removing bacteria, virus and giardia. The bottle has a 24 fl oz capacity and is BPA free.

The Journey Water Bottle with Filter is a filtered water bottle for everyday use, all outdoor adventures, survival and emergency preparedness. The Journey Water Filter water bottle removes bacteria, virus and giardia. Makes any non-salt water source safe, drinkable water.

The Sagan Journey Water Bottle Filter is available in Sky Blue and Orchid and features a flip cap that makes it easy to open. Patented “well” design allows you to get every drop. Includes one water filter.