HEALTHandMED 100% Organic Basil Essential Oil (15mL)

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HEALTHandMED 100% Organic Basil Essential Oil

ALL HEALTHandMED ESSENTIAL OILS ARE: 100% organic, non-GMO-certified, “Fair For Life”/fair trade-certified, Kosher and Halal-certified products.

  • Raw plants are converted into oil by steam distillation, the purest form of conversion, which leaves behind all undesirable components and preserves only the quintessential plant oil.
  • HM oils are carefully monitored throughout the production process to ensure purity.
  • HM oils are safe and efficacious with absolutely no adulteration, no nature identical synthetics, and no blending of species to increase yields.
  • HM oils go through a litany of tests such as chiral purity testing, gas chromatography, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, optical rotation, and aroma comparison to assure genuine quality and no contamination.
  • All HM oils are certified by LACON Institut GmbH., which has been the USDA accredited international gold standard of organic certification for over a decade.
  • Certifications of purity are present leading all the way back to the raw plants to ensure a product direct from farm to bottle with no stops in between.

HEALTHandMED 100% organic basil essential oil has an herbaceous, sweet, & slight camphory aroma & can be used as a stimulant or for inflammation making it one of the best oils for bruises, sprains, sore muscles & repairing connective tissue. Basil is also used as a heart tonic & for respiratory ailments like bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough & emphysema & is one of the best oils for stimulating milk flow in nursing mothers. Basil has an affinity for the head & can aid with hair growth, hair luster, loss of concentration, earaches, acne, migraines & depression. Basil is also a powerful infection fighter & contains many naturally occurring anti-bacterial chemicals

Keep this organic basil essential oil out of reach of children. Dilute before use. Do not take internally