Critter Rock - Animal Salt Lick - 3OZ

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Critter Rock-Animal Salt Lick

Which Salt Is The Best Salt To Use

Himalayan Critter Rock™ brand salt lick blocks are natural sea salt rocks mined from an ancient, mineral-rich, seabed in Central Utah.

This Himalayan Salt Animal Licks are perfect for all your Livestock. The Animal Licks provide a safe and natural way for your animals to get there much needed minerals that they may not get through regular feed. Great for horses, cows, buffaloes, lamas, goats sheep and camels.

Critter Rock provides your pets with more than 60 trace minerals, bringing them naturally back into a state of optimum balance.

Feeding Instructions

  • Place Critter Rock in your pet’s feed bowl
  • Provide plenty of fresh water
  • Let ’em lick it