Cloves: Fresh Ground (500 mg. 100 capsules)

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Cloves: Fresh Ground (500 mg. 100 capsules)

The clove is an evergreen tree, native to the Spice Islands, the Philippines, Sumatra and other tropical locales. Its flowers are red and white, bell-shaped and grow in terminal clusters. When dried, they form the familiar clove buds of the kitchen.

Clove capsules’ benefits are as a stimulant, anti-nauseant, expectorant and antiseptic. Taken orally, clove cleanse capsules are lethal to the eggs of flukes and parasites, preventing hatching and further species propagation. Ground clove health benefits also include stimulating and disinfecting the kidneys, liver and bronchial mucous membranes. To release their parasite-killing properties, the cloves in parasite cleanse capsules must be fresh and ground to a powder.

Supplement Facts:

  • Serving Size: 3 capsules
  • Amount per serving: Clove (bud) 1.5 g
  • % Daily Value: Not established
  • Other ingredient: gelatin (capsule shell)

The whole clove used for these parasite cleanse capsules are ground and packaged in small batches to insure maximum freshness.

Suggested Use:

  • 3 capsules two times a week prior to meal.
  • Keep in a cool dry place and tightly closed.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Discontinue if unusual symptoms occur.
  • Consult your health care professional regarding the use of herbs during pregnancy or breast feeding.

For Parasite Cleanse

Dosage: Take parasite cleanse clove capsules before meals.

  • Day 1: 1 drop 4 times per day.
  • Day 2: 2 drops 4 times per day.
  • Day 3: 3 drops 4 times per day.
  • Continue increasing to Day 20, after which 20 drops once per day until 60 days.


The very word makes us wince. Native peoples, including the native Americans, knew these small creatures can inhabit the human body. Today, we know them as fasciolopsis buskii, ascaris, eurytrema, strongyloides, dirofilaria the causative agents for eczema, seizures, diabetes, migraines, heart disease and, most devastatingly, cancer. Their outward signs are all too familiar itchy nose and ears, grinding of teeth, nail biting, or blue circle around the eyes.

Native peoples also knew how to get rid of them with herbal remedies. Today, we’ve lost this knowledge as we succumb to an ongoing array of diseases for which modern science can only stand by helpless.

But you don’t have to. You can rid your body of over 100 types of human parasites by using the three main remedies honored by antiquity: wormwood, black walnut and clove cleanse. When used together as a single treatment, these powerful herbs virtually assure the destruction of every life cycle of parasitic organisms egg, larva and adult worm. All of these products are available in full-strength and easy-to-take form.

Don’t let parasites destroy your health, destroy them with parasite clove capsules.