Himalayan Salt Block for Serving or Cooking - 7" x 7"

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This 7 inch square, 1.5 inches tall, ~6 lbs. Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking Block is a fantastic addition to any kitchen:

  • Great for enhancing the flavors of hot or cold foods
  • Has a lack of porosity and moisture that allows it to be taken to very high and very low temperatures
  • Contains a large amount of trace minerals that impart a fuller taste to the food, allowing for more complex flavors while imparting only moderate saltiness
  • Great for presenting food in an interesting way
  • Is antiseptic and antibacterial. Simply clean with water and a soft brush to remove any stuck on food.
  • Thick enough for many uses, even as salt is slowly incorporated and cleaned away

Cooking with and Caring for Your Pink Himalayan Salt Brick

If you use Himalayan rock salt cooking blocks for more than cooking, its recommended that you get at least two, one for temperate uses such as food presentation or curing.
The other Himalayan rock salt cooking block should be dedicated for just cooking, as heating will change its appearance and structure. The idea is to maintain these unique characteristics of heating.


Be careful especially the first few times by using low heat as your Himalayan rock salt cooking block will develop fissures. Do not use in an oven.

Gas range

Place the pink Himalayan salt brick on the stove top, set heat to low and allow 15 minutes to heat up. Moisture may start developing on the surface but this will eventually evaporate.
You will increase your Himalayan rock salt cooking block’s longevity by heating it slowly.

Electric range

Place a wok ring or something similar to raise the pink Himalayan salt brick off of the burner. Set the heat on low; preheat for at least 10 minutes.

Cooking can begin now for low heating applications. For medium heat, raise the heat on a middle setting and wait for 5 – 10 more minutes until cooking begins.
For cooking at high temperature, raise heat to high and wait another 5 – 10 minutes until desired temperature is reached. An infrared thermometer can be used to measure the surface
temperature. After use let the Himalayan rock salt cooking block cool to room temperature, possibly over night. Rinse under warm water and scrub with an abrasive pad until all food and fat glazing is
gone and rinse clean. Dry the pink Himalayan salt brick with a cloth and allow to fully dry on a rack. Store at minimal humidity.