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The MyoFree® Solution


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The MyoFree® Solution

The patented MyoFree® Solution is a self-help system that effectively treats the muscles involved in temporo mandibular joint , jaw, headache and a typical face pain using intra-oral trigger point release therapy. The TMJ massage tool kit consists of the easy-to-use MyoFree® massage tool, a protective carry pouch, and a 20 minute DVD which teaches the easy-to-learn Inside-Outside technique by using 3D animation of the muscle groups.

“I have suffered from TMJ for many years and when symptoms arise, the pain can be quite severe in my ears, jaw and neck areas. Since learning to use the MyoFree® Solution, my symptoms reoccur about every three months as opposed to almost daily. The MyoFree Solution offers me immediate results… My first response used to be to grab for the pain pills. I am thankful that there is a solution where I can get immediate relief at anytime and any place without having to rely on pain medication.”

– Mary F

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