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Redmond Bath Salt

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  • Healthier than white salts
  • Contains over 10 trace minerals including calcium and potassium
  • All natural
  • Contains no metal or contaminants
  • Also comes in Bath Salt Plus option containing more minerals
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Redmond Bath Salt

Are you tired of bath salts that are full of chemicals and additives? We were too, which is why we now carry Redmond Bath Salt.

Redmond Bath Salt is a completely natural mineral sea salt that comes from a sea bed dating back thousands of years. Our bath salt is so natural you can eat it! Due to its abundance of natural trace minerals, Redmond Bath Salt provides many healing properties for the skin and body. Toxins are released from the body into the bath water through osmosis, while trace minerals from the sea salt are absorbed through the skin. If you like, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a customized soothing experience.

Trace Minerals

Just like minimally-processed flour is healthier than enriched, bleached, white flour, this natural bath salt is healthier than white salts because of the things we don’t take out of it. Redmond Bath Salt contains salt that is higher in trace minerals than processed salts like you find at most stores. This unprocessed salt gives your skin and body the nutrients it needs for softer skin and healthier living!

Average Percent

  • Sodium Choride – 98.32%
  • Calcium – .40%
  • Potassium – .12%
  • Sulphur – .11%
  • Magnesium – .10%
  • Iron – .06%
  • Phosphorus – .05%
  • Iodine – .002%
  • Manganese – .0015%
  • Copper – .001%
  • Zinc – .0006%
  • Real Salt also contains numerous other trace minerals in minute quantities.

Harvesting Salt To Avoid Pollution

Many people have concerns about sea salt that comes from our current oceans due to the acid rain, mercury, lead, toxic waste, sewage, garbage, radiation, and oil spills. Our natural bath salt contains the same amount of trace minerals you would find in sea water today, but has been preserved underground, tucked away from modern pollution. This natural bath salt is currently harvested about 300 feet below the surface of the earth, where they carefully follow the purest veins and harvest the salt using carbide-tipped equipment that basically scrapes the salt off the walls of the mine. Redmond Bath Salt is supplying the most natural salt available so as part of their commitment to excellence you can be sure your getting a product handled and harvested with the highest degree of standards.

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