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Endure Performance Electrolyte Drops (4 FL. OZ.)

A Better Way to Hydrate

When it comes to maximizing your performance during intense physical activity, energy, stamina and endurance are crucial. Your ability to effectively re-hydrate and replace your body with lost electrolytes is essential to performing at your best. If you don’t, cramping, fatigue and dehydration will set in, causing decreased energy and stamina.

Endure electrolyte concentrate is a perfectly balanced pure electrolyte concentrate that contains important electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, chloride, and sulfate. Many sports drinks contain only potassium and sodium. Endure Performance Electrolyte Drops not only contain these important electrolytes, but contain magnesium, an essential electrolyte that naturally relaxes muscles to prevent cramping nemesis to the performance athlete.

Endure electrolyte concentrate can be added to whatever you want, whenever you need it. Now you don’t have to consume sports drinks that are full of sugar and carbs for hydration. Get your carbs at whatever rate works best for you and add in Endure Performance Electrolyte Drops for pure and effective hydration — the perfect combination to enhance your performance.

Endurance is Key

Adding Endure electrolyte concentrate to water creates instant and effective hydration during long rides, hikes or races. Sometimes staying hydrated is a battle in itself because drinking too much water or sweet sports drinks can cause bloating, stomach aches or even an upset stomach. Endure Performance Electrolyte Drops maximize every squeeze from your water bottle because they provide only what your body needs and nothing extra to weigh you down. This gives you the heightened endurance you need until you cross the finish line.

The Important Roles of Electrolytes

  • Magnesium: Essential for muscle relaxation, which helps to prevent cramping; helps support cardiovascular function; plays a key role in the production and flow of energy; helps to conduct nerve impulses throughout the body to prevent feelings of fatigue
  • Potassium: Essential for muscle contraction to increase muscle endurance; also helps to prevent muscle cramps; is an essential electrolyte to maintain water and acid-base balance in cells; also helps to support cardiovascular function; conducts electrical impulses in the nerves
  • Sodium: Like potassium, sodium is essential for muscle contraction and helps to increase muscle endurance; also helps preserve a healthy acid-base balance in the cells; plays an important role in responding to thirst.
  • Chloride: a forgotten electrolyte in many sports drinks; helps in the efficient exchange of oxygen in the cells; is the most abundant electrolyte outside of the cell; helps in preserving a healthy acid-base balance.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1/2 tsp.
Servings Per Container 48

Amount per serving%DV
Magnesium45 mg11%
Chloride390 mg11%
Sodium125 mg5%
Potassium150 mg4%
Sulfate20 mg*
*Daily Value not established

Battle of the Bulge

Those who exercise are trying to either maintain or lose weight. Drinking sweet sports drinks is counter-effective because they are loaded with sugar and many times with more calories than are burned during exercise. Endure electrolyte concentrate contains no carbs, sugars or calories so you can re-hydrate efficiently and effectively.

Hydration Pak Friendly

Endure Performance Electrolyte Drops are the perfect solution for those who use hydration packs because there’s no sticky stuff to clean up when you’re done. Since Endure electrolyte concentrate is pure electrolytes without the sugars or other additives of sports powders and drinks, clean-up is the same as if you had used plain water.


Utah Sea Minerals, ConcenTrace®, purified water, potassium chloride, citric acid.

Suggested Use

Add 48 drops (~½ tsp.) to 32 oz. of water (12 drops per 8 oz.; 2 tsp. per gallon) and shake well. Add Endure electrolyte concentrate to water or any beverage or sports drink and shake well for an added boost of energy, stamina and hydration. The suggested use provides optimum levels for taste and performance when mixed with pure water. Great for use in hydration packs!

Allergen Info

Contains no known allergens. GLUTEN FREE.

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