FIR-Real Portable Far Infrared Sauna (Large) with Low EMF Heating Panels - REFURBISHED

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  • Includes four low EMF carbon fiber heating panels measuring 13 x 30 inches and one far infrared foot pad measuring 14 x 12 in.
  • EMF measured at only 5~10 milligauss
  • Ideal Temperature Range, between 104°F to 140°F, for activating blood and lymph circulation and metabolism.
  • 41 in. height allows a tall person to enjoy it. Other portable FIR saunas are 10% shorter — only 37 in. tall
  • Portable FIR Sauna: easy to set up or dismantle in just a few minutes (see setup video below). No tools needed.

Deep Penetrating Therapeutic Heat. Body Detoxification. Pain Relief.

Refurbished by our technicians.  Same 1 year warranty.  Packaging is worn.

What Makes the FIR-Real™ FIR600LF Sauna Superior To Other portable dry heat saunas?

  • Includes 4 Low EMF (5~10 milligauss) epoxy resin far infrared carbon fiber heating panels – 13″x30″ (33x75cm) wide and 1.2mm thick. These also provide an even distribution of heat.
  • Includes removable far infrared heated footpad – 14 x 12 inches (35 x 30 cm)
  • Ideal Temperature Range, between 104°F to 140°F (40°C to 60°C), for activating blood and lymph circulation and metabolism
  • Virtually 100% of the infrared emitted from the FIR-Real™ low EMF infrared sauna’s heating panels is far infrared between 4 and 14 µm, the beneficial range for humans.
  • Handheld controller for auto safety shutoff (5 to 30 minutes)
  • 5 Temperatures for heating panels
  • Foot Pad on/off
  • Fully insulated multilayered fabric
    • Does not allow any bacterial buildup even after years of use
    • Does not allow any odors even after years of use
    • Non-gassing
    • Does not absorb direct heat energy
    • Does not absorb any sweat
  • Double lined soft neck collar for added comfort
  • Zipper on the inside and the outside for easy open and close in addition to closable holes for arms so reading materials can be used during sessions.
  • Hole for the head, and flap to cover the hole so sauna will warm up more quickly when person isn’t sitting inside.
  • Compact folding chair with 220 lb capacity included
  • Portable FIR Sauna: easy to set up or dismantle in just a few minutes (see setup video below). No tools needed.
  • Low operating cost of approximately $0.09 for 30 minutes use
  • 41 in. height allows a tall person to enjoy it. Other portable dry heat saunas are 10% shorter — only 37 in. tall
  • Footprint: 33 in. deep x 32 in. wide (84 cm. x 80 cm.) This low EMF infrared sauna requires little floor space unlike wood saunas, but still big enough for a large person to enjoy. Other portable dry heat saunas have a depth of only 31 in. (79 cm.) or a width of only 26 in. (67 cm.)
  • Weighs only 22 lbs.
  • AC 120V – 60Hz 900 watt power supply
  • Safe To Operate:
    • UL/ETL Listed for Electrical Safety
    • EMF Testing by CCIC
  • Full 1 Year Warranty

The Right Way to Detox!

The FIR-Real FIR600LF low EMF infrared sauna provides deep penetrating therapeutic heat through the use of far infrared rays. Whenever you detox your body, especially with the use of a portable dry heat sauna, it is important to:

  1. Remain properly hydrated! Ideally with Ionized Alkalized Water
  2. Replenish minerals lost through sweating!

Amazing Health Benefits of Far Infrared Saunas


What Makes the FIR-Real™ Portable Dry Heat Sauna Better Than Steam Saunas?

  • With no steam and no thermo of the ordinary sauna, you will still sweat all over your body when you use the FIR, even if it is in winter! This unique high-quality low EMF infrared sauna, with exclusive beneficial features, is finally affordable and can be used in the privacy of your home, apartment or any living environment without the need of large spaces & special communications to work it. Its design includes the most desirable features that the expansive and fancy saunas have. With this portable far infrared FIR sauna you will have even more conveniences and benefits then with a large wooden sauna.
  • The FIR-Real™ portable dry heat sauna emits far infrared rays, which are part of the sun’s natural spectrum, just beyond visible red. It warms the body directly instead of heating the air in the enclosure like traditional steam saunas. Steam saunas require temperatures ranging from 175°-200°F (80-95°C) to promote perspiration and some people have difficulty breathing this hot humid air. The lower heat range of 104°-140°F (40-60°C) for the FIR-Real™ sauna produces similar results (and a lower electric bill).
  • The softer heat of the FIR-Real™ sauna also penetrates deeper into the body (2-3 in. or 5-8 cm. deep) and draws out more toxins than a steam sauna. It is more sanitary because it will not spread and cultivate bacteria like a traditional humid sauna.
  • The far infrared sauna applies hi-tech of super conductive and ultra thin carbon fiber heating element. The high heat efficiency helps you perspire, activate the build, promote blood circulation, and keep body healthy. 10 minutes of using the sauna bath corresponds to 30 minutes of jogging for exhaust sweat. With its satisfying design, your head and hands can extend out for reading, watching TV, or listening to music.
  • Dry heat is mold and mildew free.
  • Dr. Aundrea Adams of the International Institute of Holistic Healing compared the detoxification findings of FIR and steam saunas. She found that sweat generated using a steam sauna was composed of up to 97% water while sweat released after FIR sauna therapy was composed of only 80-85% water. The remaining 15-20% of sweat was composed of heavy metals, sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid and fat- soluble toxins.

Portable Infrared Sauna Set-Up video

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FIR sauna is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or ailment. DO NOT attempt to self-treat any disease with the FIR sauna without direct supervision of a certified physician. If you have a disease, be certain to consult with your primary-care physician before using an FIR sauna.
The information contained in this site is for general information purposes only and does not address individual circumstances or medical conditions. It may not be right for you and should not be relied upon in making decisions about your health. Always consult your doctor for medical advice. No adverse affects from far infrared sauna therapy have ever been reported, even with end stage congestive heart failure patients. Nevertheless, persons with cardiovascular conditions should exercise extreme caution when exposed to prolonged heat.
In all situations, hydration is a requirement for sauna use. Drinking water is recommended before and after sauna use. The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. This occurs due to a higher metabolic rate per body mass, limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands and the inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. Consult with the child’s pediatrician before using the sauna.The FIR sauna should not be used by hemophiliacs.