Fomentek Hot / Cold Water Bags

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World’s Largest Hot Water Bottle

Comfortable, soothing heat or cold therapy for any part of the body that needs it

The Fomentek™ HOT/COLD WATER BAG is one of the most useful, general-purpose health products on the market.

Fomentek™ Hot and Cold Water Therapy Bags can be used in any of three modalities: warm, cold, and frozen. The Fomentek™ Bag alleviates the symptoms of a variety of ailments and is effective, dependent on the treatment, in warm, cold, and frozen use.

For a heat treatment, the Fomentek™ Bag can be filled with warm water (110°-113°F) and used directly against the skin. The intense moist heat penetrates more deeply than dry heat

For cold use, the Fomentek™ Bag can be filled with cold tap water and stored in the refrigerator. The Fomentek™ Bag can be made into an ice pack by filling it with an alcohol/water mixture and placing it in the freezer for 8-12 hours. This product is ideal because it is easy to use, effective and safe, comfortable to lie on, ideal for travel, light and easy to store, and able to conform to bodily curves to provide penetrating warmth or cold therapy to the area of treatment. It is safe to fall asleep with because it gradually cools down during the night.

Bag Measurements

  • 18″ x 24″

What Sets Fomentek Apart From Other Hot/Cold Water Bags and Bottles?

  • It conforms to the body like NO OTHER product on the market. The translucent bag is made of two durable ultra-thin polymer layers that provide incredible strength while remaining pliable to the touch.
  • Delivers moist heat or cold that is immediate and penetrating directly against the skin.
  • Filled directly from the tap

Beneficial Effects of Using Heat

In ancient Greece, Hyppocrates, who is considered the father of modern medicine, positioned his patients so that clay dams could be built around the injured or painful part of the patient’s body and hot water could be poured into the dammed-in area. Not only in ancient Greece, but also in all parts of the world, the use of heat has long been considered to be the cornerstone of therapeutic endeavors. That practice continues today, and Fomentek™ Hot and Cold Water Therapy Bags act as modern clay dams that trap the warm water in a bottle and are then used to naturally cure pain-related ailments in the body.

Applying heat to the body dilates the blood vessels, increases the metabolic rate of the heated area, and relaxes the muscles on a deep level. The use of heat is an important therapeutic tool and often crucial to the massage experience. Heat can deliver nurturing comfort to the client while enabling a far deeper state of relaxation than massage alone.

Pain relief is a specific goal for most massage therapy sessions and much discomfort can be alleviated by tapping into the body’s own parasympathetic nervous system to facilitate the release of endorphins, the body’s own “feel good” pain reliever. In addition, the pain and temperature sensing pathways of the body are close together and a heat massage occupies these pathways, causing the pain to diminish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is this product called FOMENTEK?
A. The name FOMENTEK™ is derived from a combination of two words: Fomentation – the use of heat to promote healing or relieve pain (a heating pad is a fomentation device), and Technology – the scientific method and material used to achieve an objective.

Q. How can I tell if the water I put into the FOMENTEK water bag is the correct temperature?
A. Run the tap water to a temperature that is comfortably warm (110-113 F) to touch before filling the FOMENTEK water bag.

Q. I have always heard that moist heat is the most often recommended. Does the FOMENTEK water bag provide moist heat?
A. Yes. The FOMENTEK water bag provides moist heat when it is placed directly against the skin. The body’s own moisture enables the FOMENTEK water bag to transfer heat.

Q. How long will the FOMENTEK hot and cold water therapy bags stay warm?
A. The large FOMENTEK hot and cold water therapy bags will stay therapeutically warm for up to 2 hours.

Q. I am heavy and I can’t help but wonder if the FOMENTEK hot and cold water therapy bags are strong enough to support my weight.
A. FOMENTEK bags are made of a double layer of space age polymer, which is as soft as flesh, yet strong enough to support the weights over 400 lbs.

Q. Are the FOMENTEK hot and cold water therapy bags guaranteed?
A. Yes. Your FOMENTEK bag carries a 90 day factory replacement warranty against leaks due to defects in materials or workmanship. Additionally, FOMENTEK hot and cold water therapy bags carry a 30 day money-back (shipping excluded) satisfaction guarantee.

Q. Can I just use a microwave to heat the FOMENTEK hot and cold water therapy bags?
A. No. The FOMENTEK bag is designed to be re-filled with hot water before each use.

Q. I use ointments on my joints for arthritis pain. Will these products harm the FOMENTEK bag?
A. No. FOMENTEK bags are not harmed by any oil, linament, or ointment. It may interest you to know that there is no solvent on this planet that will destroy or weaken this material. The FOMENTEK bag even stands up to fingernail polish remover and all acids in any concentration.