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Never Detox Without Taking Trace Liquid Mineral Supplements

Did you know that when you detoxify your body, especially with ionic detox, it is common to have some vital minerals exit the body along with heavy metals? According to M. Amin, Ph.D, Doctor of Natural Medicine, “During an ionic detox protocol it is critically important to take a high quality absorbable mineral supplement, and it is even more effective when this supplement includes trace minerals.” HEALTHandMED is therefore pleased to offer the best trace liquid mineral supplements that we have found..

The Most Powerful, Natural, Health Giving Trace Liquid Mineral Supplements in the World.

Formulated by Nature for Greater Bio Health and Body Mineral Balancing. From Utah’s Inland Sea

Low sodium ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops are the most powerful natural health mineral supplements in the world. It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of minerals and trace minerals for the human body. ConcenTrace liquid mineral supplements are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses for developing and maintaining good health.†

ConcenTrace® captures the perfect balance of those minerals. Using ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops every day (mix with juice, food or remineralize purified water) will help renew and energize your body’s entire electrical system.† Using these liquid mineral supplements, you’ll have more energy and will generally feel better.†

Why are ConcenTrace® minerals so powerful?† Extracted from the Great Salt Lake, ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops contain a full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance natural to the body. We use a completely natural process that removes the sodium and gives us a formula about 26 times more concentrated than any other trace liquid mineral supplements on the market. No other health supplement is as naturally powerful.

So concentrated, those 40 liquid minerals for water (1/2 teaspoon) equal the mineral content of 1/2 cup sea water with 99.5% sodium removed.

As a Daily Supplement: 1/4-1/2 teaspoon, once or twice daily. Mix this liquid mineral supplement with any juice or food at mealtimes to mask the concentrated mineral flavor, or take straight, followed with a glass of juice or water. At 1/2 teaspoon daily, 8 oz.= 3 month supply.
Increased dosages are safe if needed or desired, but larger amounts of liquid mineral supplements may have a laxative effect.

Improve the flavor of reverse osmosis, de-ionized, or distilled water with these trace mineral drops. Add 20-40 liquid mineral supplement drops per gallon, or to taste, to get the flavor of expensive mineral water while adding a complete, balanced spectrum of low sodium minerals and trace minerals. At 20 liquid mineral supplement drops,
(1/4 teaspoon) per gallon, 8 oz. will remineralize 192 gallons.

Uses & Applications of ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops

      A study of a number of international body builders using ConcenTrace® reported excellent results


  • Bone, Joint & Health: Taken as directed, many people have experienced dramatic results in improving and strengthening bones, joints and teeth, and eliminating unwanted calcium deposits.†
  • Re-Mineralize Distilled Water: 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per gallon for fresh spring water taste.
  • Electrolyte Replacement: Increased energy, vitality, and improved health by replacing and balancing soluble minerals in the body fluids. Soluble minerals are the electrolytes which conduct the body’s electrical energies.
  • Hair and Skin: Use mineral drops internally to nourish from within, externally as a rub. (Very concentrated. Must be diluted. Keep out of eyes or areas of broken skin unless highly diluted.)†
  • Bowel:Helps Normalize Bowel Functions Cleansing. †
  • Calcium: Assimilation Reports show that calcium assimilates much better when taken with magnesium. ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops are high in magnesium.†
  • Circulatory Health: Minerals play important roles in decalcification, antioxidant and cleansing functions in the body. The heart requires magnesium with every beat. Potassium is used to contract the heart muscle.†
  • Vitamin Enhancement: Complete nutrition is more power nutrition. Vitamins without minerals DO NOT work. Trace minerals help assimilate vitamins. †
  • Gardens and Plants: A study done by Rutgers University and other studies done by the USDA noted the severe mineral imbalance and depletion in American soil. For years, many avid gardeners have used ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops on their gardens as well as in the flower beds. The trace mineral supplement is also very beneficial to house plants when diluted with water. See the difference in your plants.
  • Pets: Ever noticed your pet eating grass or dirt? More than likely your pet is lacking essential minerals. For years, pet owners have added ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops to their pet’€™s food and water.
  • Athletic performance: There are many examples of improved athletic performance including improved cardiovascular performance to improved blood serum nutrients. †
  • Body Building: A study of a number of international body builders using ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops reported excellent results.†
  • Add to Carbonated Beverages: A recent study has shown that a few drops per glass balances soda pop to greatly reduce the potentially harmful effects of carbonation.
  • Magnesium Supplement: One of the highest quality, least expensive, most assimilable magnesium supplements on the market. †
  • Cooking: ies show mineral depletion in our soils. We frankly are not getting the minerals in the foods we eat. ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops remineralizes these foods and adds flavor. †
Supplement Facts
Serving size: 1/2 tsp. (about 40 drops)
Servings per container: 96
Amount Per Serving %DV*
Magnesium 250 mg 63%
Chloride 690 mg 21%
Sodium 6 mg >0%
Potassium 3 mg 0%
Sulfate 37 mg **
Boron 370 mcg **
*Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
**Daily Value not established.

Plus the following in naturally occurring varying trace amounts; Calcium, Carbonate, Bromide, Iodine, Rubidium, Scandium, Boron, Phosphorus, Nickel, Manganese, Chromium, Strontium, Cobalt, Zinc, Titanium, Lanthanum, Cerium, Barium, Copper, Iron,
Silicon, Yttrium, Molybdenum, Tin, Gallium, Gold, Silver, Cesium, Beryllium, Selenium, Vanadium, Dysprosium, Holmium, Terbium, Praseodymium, Lutetium, Gadolinium, Samarium, Bismuth, Ytterbium, Erbium, Europium, Neodymium. Plus the other minerals
found in sea water.

Allergen Info: contains no known allergens.


Due to the purity and concentration of this product, it has no expiration date. Because of the minerals, it is naturally preserved and contains no bacterial growth. The minerals do not lose potency over time. Minor crystallization may occur, but does
not affect the quality of the product.

Why you need ionic minerals

Minerals, the Universe, and You

What are minerals anyway? Minerals are nothing more than elements – the very same elements that grace the periodic table inside a high school chemistry text book like chromium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and so on. They are the elements that comprise the
entire universe, this earth, and everything on it, including you.

Your body is truly a masterpiece formed from these same elements. As such, it is important to constantly replenish your body with the elements it expends on a daily basis.

Chemical and electrical processes are occurring within your body at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if the proper balance of minerals is continually being supplied to your system. Iron for your blood, sulfur for your
muscles, calcium for your bones, and an aggregation of many other elements in balanced trace amounts help to ensure the proper function of your body.

What Are Ions?

An ion is a mineral or element that has a positive or negative charge. On the molecular level, that means the element has either too many or too few electrons. This unstable ionic state allows the element to bond readily with water, making it possible
for the body to absorb it. In this state, an element has specific positive or negative electrical signatures that cause a dynamic equilibrium to take place. The body can then facilitate changes to move nutrients to the areas that need them.

What Are Trace Minerals?

You may collect silver coins, wear a platinum ring, or have a gold filling. You’ve likely sipped tea poured from a copper kettle, eaten a cookie from a fancy tin container, or traveled on an airplane made of titanium. But did you know that these elements
and many others €”in very small, balanced trace amounts are critical to your health? Although trace minerals are no longer as plentiful in the foods you eat, they exist plentifully in their proper proportions in the mineral-rich waters of the earth’€™s
oceans and seas.

The Stripping of Mother Earth

Traditionally, eating fresh grains, fruits, and vegetables grown in nutrient-rich soil has been the primary supply for a full spectrum of ionic minerals.

Unfortunately in today’€™s world, naturally occurring, nutrient-rich soil is becoming increasingly rare. Eons of vegetation growth and aggressive modern farming techniques have brought many of the earth’s minerals to the surface where they have been
washed away.

Synthesized fertilizers are routinely applied to farms and fields where minerals have been depleted. But man-made fertilizers provide only enough mineral substance to support basic plant life. Numerous trace minerals essential to human life don’t get

Where Have All the Minerals Gone?

Many of the trace elements once abundant in soil have been washed into the oceans. In the oceans they are found in their proper proportions—the same basic proportions that are found in healthy human bodies.

In a few surviving inland seas such as the Great Salt Lake of western North America, these essential elements exist in highly concentrated, salubrious proportions. This healthy, intricately balanced proportion of minerals and trace elements found in sea
water is beneficial to the human body.

Today, these life-sustaining sea waters contain all of the minerals and elements necessary to support human life. Most importantly, these minerals and elements are ionic and in perfect balance—prime for being absorbed into the cells of your body.

The Importance of Ionic Minerals

Every second of every day your body relies on ionic minerals and trace minerals to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including your heart, would be able to function.
Your brain would not function and the cells would not be able to use osmosis to balance your water pressure and absorb nutrients. To ensure you are getting the ionic minerals and electrolytes your body needs, only choose ionic mineral supplements or supplements that contain ionic minerals.

“Experts estimate 90 percent of Americans suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency.”

A New Plague: Mineral Imbalance

Because your body requires nearly two thirds of all the elements currently known to man in order to maintain health, keeping these minerals in balance is a complex, yet incredibly vital task. The events of everyday living demand a continual ingestion of

There are 92 known elements, 22 hypothesized others, and hundreds of isotopic variations. It’s no wonder that scientists are only now beginning to discover the effects and interrelationships of minerals in our human systems, such as how minerals help
maintain a healthy balance, and what adverse effects are created by a mineral imbalance. Experts estimate that 90 percent of Americans suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency.

If you are one of themâ whether because of frequent exercise, stress, or a diet of overly refined, nutrient-poor foods your body will attempt to correct the situation in futility, usually resulting in food cravings, muscle cramps,
and general fatigue.

The Key Role of Absorption

The absorption of minerals primarily takes place within the small intestines. As food matter passes through the intestines, minerals transfer into the blood stream through the walls of the intestines by way of the villi. This can only happen if the minerals
are in an ionic form. Although stomach acid helps ionize the minerals in foods, a mineral supplement should contain already naturally ionized minerals to be fully absorbed.

“Trace minerals do not exist by themselves but in relationship to one another. Too much of one trace element can lead to imbalances in others resulting in disease, rather than the absence of disease. Most trace elements need to be in ionic form to be well
absorbed in the intestine.” – Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D.

The Secret of Life in a Dead Inland Sea

Western North America’s Great Salt Lake is the world’s oldest inland sea. A remnant of the last great Ice Age, the Great Salt Lake in Utah has been collecting and concentrating the minerals and trace elements of the surrounding Rocky Mountains for
tens of thousands of years. The result is nutrient rich waters which contain over 72 ionic minerals and trace elements that are eight to ten times more concentrated than regular seawater—in precisely the same proportion as healthy human fluids.
It is from this source that Trace Minerals Research harvests the elements and trace minerals that go into every product.

What Can You Do?

You can start by making sure you’re getting enough minerals in your diet. Right? Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables, wholegrain breads and fortified cereals. In addition, take a multivitamin or mineral supplement. That’s a good start, but even
those measures are likely to leave your body wanting for a full spectrum of properly proportioned, readily available ionic minerals and trace minerals.

That’s Where We Can Help

For over 35 years, Trace Minerals Research has been dedicated to combating the growing problem of mineral deficiency and imbalance in modern society. By harvesting the health-promoting ionic minerals found in the Great Salt Lake and making them
available to the general public, we are committed to being the immutable source for the minerals necessary to maintain proper health.

Today, Trace Minerals Research offers over 100 different health promoting products that contain ConcenTrace®, the premier ionic mineral mixture produced from the waters of the Great Salt Lake. Over the years, thousands of people who lacked essential
trace elements in their diets have felt a difference in their health and well-being when replenishing these vital nutrients. Perhaps it’s time you did, too.