Assemble Your Own Extensive Natural First-Aid & Illness Kit

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  • Build your own first aid kit for common ailments
  • Learn what to include in a first aid kit
  • How to use what your are placing in your new first aid kit
  • Using alternative remedies and tools to treat your ailments, injuries, and illnesses
  • 98 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1975894603

Be Prepared for the Inevitable First Aid Emergency

Burns, Bruises, Bites, Sprains, Stings, Flu, Coughs, Eye and Ear Infections, CPR, Breaks, Food Poisoning, Sore Throats, Cuts, Fevers and more!

Every household and vehicle should have access to some sort of first aid kit. Do you have a good first aid kit that you can use to help you during any emergency whether large or small? For instance, are you ready to dole out those bandages to your 3-year old niece? Are you prepared for when she has an allergic reaction to the tomatoes in your dinner? Okay, so you got a kit, but are all your items up to date? Claudia Orgill, in her book, Assemble Your Own Extensive Natural First-Aid & Illness Kit tells you what you need to include in your new first aid kit. She also teaches you what you need to know about the items in your new kit.

Alternative Remedies

She goes in depth into alternative remedies and tools for you to use with ailments, injuries and illnesses. What are some great, effective cough remedies? How do you treat fevers naturally?

How to Use the Items

Not only does she show you what you need to include in your first aid kit, but she also gives you instructions on how to use the tools she suggests. The items are hindrances if you do not have the skills to use them. Having a SAM splint in your pack is worthless if you do not know how to use it. Likewise, do you know how to prepare your natural herbs for use? Claudia discusses these practices in her book. She will help you to be prepared to use herbs to fight the invading sickness. Furthermore, she will help you to be ready for your 3-year old niece.
Get Claudia Orgill’s Assemble Your Own Extensive Natural First-Aid & Illness Kit and get Well Prepared today!

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