ISM 3000 Solar Powered Ionic Silver Generator

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  • Perfect for off the grid silver generation
  • Includes solar battery pack
  • Able to adjust the parts per million of silver in the solution
  • Can make up to 30 batches of silver on one full charge
  • Even comes with small Faraday (EMP Proof) bag for storing items in

Ionic silver has been praised for its use in cleaning the body of infection. Because of this praise many people have gotten on board with generating their own silver ions for the purpose of using in their bodies to treat various maladies. During an emergency situation when you will have less access to Doctors and other practitioners, what will you do to help keep your body healthy? One of the ways to do this is to generate your own silver. If that seems difficult, let's meet the ISM 3000 Ionic Silver Generator 3rd Generation. The ISM 3000 ionic Silver Generator is an off the grid solution for creating up to 30 batches (almost 15 gallons) of ionic silver in a single charge. This generator even features the ability to adjust the parts per million of silver in your solution! Included in this package is everything that you will need to get started producing your own silver as well as the ability to protect its self during an EMP attack with its included Faraday bag! While this unit comes with a USB plug for you to run it while plugged into the wall, this kit also includes a solar rechargeable battery that you can power the generator without using any power from the grid! Lastly, this kit comes with an instructional DVD and booklet so you can feel comfortable knowing that you are able to generate a nano-ionic silver solution even when times are tough. Get the ISM 3000 Ionic Silver Generator and be Well Prepared today!