How to Use the Far Infrared Sauna Belt

How to Use the Far Infrared Sauna Belt - HEALTHandMED

Using the Infrared Sauna Belt for the First Time

The Far Infrared Sauna Belt is a popular product that can be used by itself or alongside an Ionic Detox foot spa treatment. They’re very simple to use; you can be enjoying the benefits of heat therapy in just a few simple steps:

  1. Clean the skin on your stomach, waist and lower back before applying any kind of slimming oil.
  2. Apply slimming oil or wrap stomach area with thin fresh-keeping film if applicable.
  3. Wrap the Infrared Sauna Belt around your waist
  4. Insert belt plug into power socket. After doing so, you’ll see the red light on the handheld controller light up. The digital display will show the default temperature at grade 5. You can press the up and down arrows on the controller to increase or decrease the temperature as you please (NOTE: It’s suggested that you apply the default temperature (grade 5) and time (30 minutes).
  5. Press the MODE button once and then the up and down arrows to adjust time if needed. Again, it’s recommended that you utilize the default setting.
  6. Press the START button to start the device. The green heating light will shine and you’ll feel the device warming up.
  7. After the cycle is complete, unplug the power cable and replace the belt back into its normal storage area