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How to Clean Ionic Detox Arrays

Benefits of Cleaning Ionic Detox Arrays

Your Ionic Detox Arrays are the backbone of your Ionic Foot Detox Machine treatments; without them, the full benefits of the healing ionization properties of the water would not be realized. Most of the arrays are made for up to 50 uses (find out the differences between the arrays here), but the lifetime of an array can be extended with proper maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning the array can also make your foot bath more effective and more beneficial.

Using the cleaning solution to clean the Arrays

The most highly recommended way to clean your Ionic Detox array is via the use of Array cleaning solution inside a square or large soaking jar. In the video below, we show you how easy it is to clean your arrays using this method.


  1. Put water in the soaking jar – First, you’ll need to fill the soaking jar with water. Be sure to leave a little room at the top so that it doesn’t spill over when you put the array inside.
  2. Rinse the Array – Next, you’ll need to rinse the array with soap and water.
  3. Add the solution – When you add the solution, you’ll want to use 1-3 scoops per 28 ounces of water. It’s not important how much you use; more solution cleans the array faster, so base the amount of solution you need on your own preference.
  4. Soak the Array – Let the array soak for 1-2 hours for standard cleaning and overnight for a deep cleaning.
  5. Rinse the Array – Once again, rinse the array, this time using only water.
  6. Air dry – Finally, allow your array to air dry naturally before your next use.

Cleaning the arrays with Soap and Water or White Vinegar

Alternatively, you can clean the Ionic Detox Arrays using soap and water or white vinegar. Most of our customers use the solution, but many use white vinegar as a secondary option. Follow the steps above, but instead of using the solution, use soap and water or white vinegar. In all cases, allow the arrays to air dry naturally before use.